Distribution overhead line engineering and construction services

Our Distribution Business Unit provides overhead line engineering and construction services to the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) on the distribution overhead line network at LV, 11kV and 33kV.

As a market leading provider to the DNOs in this sector, we offer innovative and value adding services and foster long-term partnering relationships whilst delivering sustainable profitable growth in an increasingly competitive market.

Committed to you

Our overall strategic objective is to grow the business by 50% in three years. This will be achieved by renewing our existing frameworks, expanding our services to our existing customers, and by adding new DNO customers to our portfolio. This strategic objective will support the VINCI Energies UK & RoI 2020 Strategic Plan and maintain a firm commitment to sustainable development while having a responsible attitude towards:

  • Safety – commitment to ZERO accidents and incidents
  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for the principles of good governance
  • Respect and support for civic actions in the local community

We encourage our employees to accept the challenge of responsibility by providing them with support and personal development to enable them to meet their full potential.

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Overhead and Underground Lines

As the global demand for power increases, so does the need to improve the energy infrastructure in rural communities. Similarly, there’s an increasing need for asset management, particularly in Europe. We meet those needs providing localised electricity distribution.

 We work with energy producers, energy collectives, industrial energy suppliers, and energy unions. Our decentralized approach enables us to collaborate with local contractors, each with their own unique skillsets. Whether working in a heavily-populated area, or a rural landscape, our local expertise enable us to deliver projects effectively..

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Large-scale projects & emergency response services

We specialise in delivering large-scale projects in collaboration with our long-term local contractors. We’re involved in every aspect of line-based distribution from project deployment to managing and operating power infrastructures.

We also provide a global emergency response service, resolving distribution issues, particularly during adverse weather conditions.


We understand the challenges faced by the electricity sector in Europe and throughout the world. We’re committed to promoting environmental sustainability, energy security and equity as part of the World Energy Council’s energy transition goals.

With 400 business units across the world, we have access to a talented team of local suppliers and contractors, each with their own unique expertise. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get the best team for your project.

We operate in 32 countries, working with local suppliers. Our de-centralized approach means we fully understand the cultural impact of the projects we’re involved in.