Omexom Institute

New Training and Information tools Launched in June 2019

The new E-Learning platform from the Omexom Institute launched in June, bringing another layer of functionality and information to your fingertips.
Omexom Institute’s e-learning platforms use local knowledge to connect Omexom learners internationally. They provide a wide range of new insights into the energy market that arouse interest and upscale expertise. Through these platforms, Omexom’s knowledge is accessible to everyone and spreads the practice of local learning on a large scale. By improving and sharing the local content, Omexom aims to strengthen everyone’s performance and create value for all.
So far the E-learning platform has shaped up to be a great success with more than 100 people connecting in a single day since its launch. 
 You can find more info about the global (training center, partnerships, etc.) vision of the Omexom Institute: 
Here are some key features:
  • The e-learning platform is interactive, flexible and user friendly.
  • It’s interactive : modules have some animation and are educational.
  • It’s flexible : responsive design, you can use it on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • It’s user-friendly : your account will be automatically created once you connect the first time with your VINCI Energies login and password.
The E-learning platform can be accessed by clicking on the below picture/Link: