Omexom sponsors the solar boat of TU Twente

rosenquist/ August 31, 2018/ News

E-mobility on land and water

E-mobility is booming. This revolution is not only happening on the road. New e-concepts are also being devised on the water. Boats powered by solar energy may seem a long way ahead of us, but students of the TU Twente already realized this. The result: the Solar Boat, which successfully participates in races. They became 3rd in Monaco and 2nd in Berlin. The new season starts on the 11th and 12th May in Akkrum (The Netherlands).

Omexom supports this initiative: not only as a sponsor but also by providing knowledge of our own engineers. We do this because the Solar Boat is an innovative application in the context of energy transition and thus contributes to a sustainable future.

That fits perfectly with Omexom, because Omexom delivers on the promise of energy transition.