Reset: Innovation in substation maintenance

rosenquist/ August 31, 2018/ News

Omexom is working to implement a new concept in high voltage substation maintenance. Called Reset, the service is innovating the sector.

The Reset principle is straightforward: maintenance based on a set of targets. In exchange for a fixed price, everything is done to ensure the customer has a given voltage and current at all times with no unscheduled downtime.

“It’ll bring about a considerable change. In terms of the value chain, we can use this kind of system to provide a full service that covers engineering through to maintenance for 20 or 30 years. That’s what Reset is looking to for the long term”
Antonio León
Director of Omexom Especialistas

The Reset concept was formed in response to the economic crisis, which revealed the inadequacy of the standard maintenance system provided until now. Omexom management encouraged business units to innovate and explore new directions, in particular to satisfy industrial customers’ needs. Alexis Barlari, director of the Omexom Barcelona and Omexom Gerona business units, explains that “the current maintenance model has reached the end of the line”.

Omexom took advantage of its long experience in substation maintenance, along with its knowledge of big data, to achieve a key goal. “We have to be able to know when something is likely to break down and do the necessary to avoid that,” says Antonio León, director of Omexom Especialistas. This type of maintenance does exist in the industrial sector, but in Europe, no such system is applied to substation maintenance.

“Rather than being called in to help out when something breaks down,” says Antonio, “we will visit the substation beforehand to make sure everything’s working perfectly.” The success of this project requires collaboration with other VINCI Energies brands, such as Actemium or VINCI Facilities, and discussions are already under way.

Implementing Reset will demand some adjustments that will be introduced gradually.