Transmission Case Studies

Chesterfield - Staveley 132kV OHL Refurbishment 2018

Project Description:
The 132kV double circuit CY route runs on an extension of 5.1km from Chesterfield to Staveley on 20 PL16 design towers. The project consisted on the replacement of the existing 175mm2 ACSR LYNX conductor with 200mm2 AAAC POPLAR.
The existing 70mm2 ACSR Horse earthwire was also replaced with equivalent 96 fibre optic OPGW. All the existing conductor fittings and glass insulators were replaced with new polymeric insulator sets.

Bourne – Stamford OHL Refurbishment 2018

Project Description:
The PR route starts at Bourne 132kV SS on dual circuit towers, moving south as a single circuit line followed by a Tee off to Stamford on Dual Circuit, Twin conductors (the PRA route). All insulators and fittings associated with the circuit were replaced with composite type sets. Tower steelwork and foundation condition assessements were carried out as part of the preconstruction works.

Drakelow 132kV tower lines 2018

Project description:
The AG Line is a double circuit 132 kV tower line running from Drakelow to Burton, on PL16 design towers, with 4 additional PL1 towers as the route splits into single circuits. The project consisted on the replacement of the existing 175mm2 ACSR LYNX conductors with 300 mm2 AAAC UPAS conductor and at the same time replace the existing 70mm2 ACSR HORSE Earthwire with equivalent OPGW.
Tower condition assessments were carried out and identified corroded steelwork was replaced. The 4 PL1 towers were dismantled and removed, as the entire route was re-arranged exclusively on to double circuit towers.

Cornwall K-Line Tower Replacement and Re-Tension works 2017

Prject Description
The 132kV Double Circuit K-Line route is located in Cornwall, and required the replacement of 8 PL16 towers and the re-tensioning of 35 sections of single 175mm2 ACSR LYNX conductor.
All the existing conductor fittings and insulators were replaced with equivalent polymeric sets.

400kV HQT (Lancaster) 2013

Customer: National Grid

The HQT line from the Hutton substation (ZX 248R) to the Quernmore-Tee substation (ZX345R) is a north-south link for the National Grid for electricity transport from Scotland. Work on the Hutton-Quernmore-Tee line was carried out as part of a joint venture with Morgan Sindall.
Renewal of ladder and ground ropes (35 km)Bundle line with two bundles of three examinations and release of plans. Revision of the plans after execution specifics:
Two circuits, two ladder ropes Shutdown over 6 months (2 x 3 months) 90,000 hours of execution time.

  • Customer Benefits: Extension of service life and expansion of plant capacity Expertise / Know-how Personnel and equipment availability & adaptability including rapid responsiveness