Birth of a Key Player in the energy transition

Omexom, the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to energy transition, is positioned across the entire value chain, from generation to transmission and distribution grids and the final consumer’s meter.

Omexom began in 2000 when 20 regional business units specialising in electricity transmission and transformation in France adopted the common Omexom banner. A major turning point was reached in 2010 with the extension of Omexom’s field of activity and its international expansion. Broadening its range of services, Omexom branched out into generation and distribution services and positioned itself across the entire electricity value chain. Since then the brand has continued to expand. Today our international network brings together 425 business units.

Omexom, a VINCI Energies Brand

The VINCI Energies Group is 64,500 employees working to serve local authorities, operators and businesses. We deploy, equip, operate and optimize energy, transport and communication infrastructures, industrial facilities and buildings. As a key actor in France and a major player in Europe, VINCI Energies has a strong worldwide presence. The group is a key provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

It has developed brands that pool expertise. Omexom is the energy market specialist  offering a comprehensive range of engineering, construction and maintenance services in the electricity, data processing, and mechanical engineering fields. The brand also provides support for public works projects.

Omexom is a preferred partner for producers, network operators and owners, equipment manufacturers and industrial facilities, providing them with customized services and business lines ranging from responsibility for traditional projects to highly complex offerings and turnkey solutions.

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  • 2021

    Omexom UK & RoI win major project to deliver world’s first 400kV Green Gas for Grid (G3) substation.

  • 2020

    A brand that’s twenty years old and continuing to grow

  • 2019

    Building a 400 kV overhead line between Corinthe & Megalopolis,

  • 2018

    Creation of the first smart city project in Australia
    Canberra, Australia

  • 2018

    Commissioning of SIDRAP, the first wind-farm in Indonesia
    Sulawesi, Indonésia

  • 2017

    Repowering and securing of the distribution grid following hurricane Irma
    St Martin & St Barthélémy, France

  • 2017

    Inauguration by Emmanuel Macron of the largest solar power plant in West Africa, at this date
    Zagtouli, Burkina Faso

  • 2015

    Extension of the 380 kV high-voltage station
    Gemini offshore wind farm, Netherlands

  • 2014

    Doubling a 98 km long 400 kV line
    Výškov & Čechy Střed, Czech Republic

  • 2013

    Completion of the 400 kV line between the stations of Hutton & Quernmore-Tee
    Lancaster, United Kingdom

  • 2013

    Start of the restoration of two hydro power plants
    Mavuzi & Chicamba, Mozambique

  • 2003

    Completion of one of the biggest private 225 kV transformation stations on the steel plant of Sollac
    DK6, Dunkerque, France

  • 2002

    Construction of a 400 kV line connecting the city of Tavel and the nuclear plant of Tricastin
    PACA & Languedoc-Roussillon, France

  • 2000

    Creation of the Omexom Brand
    VINCI launches Omexom, a brand specialising in the transmission and transformation of high voltage electricity.

  • 1817

    La Maison Jean and Chabrié wins the contrat for candle-lighting and wood-fire heating for the Palais Bourbon