Why act now?

  • Climate urgency
  • Society awareness
  • Employees expectations
  • Investor requests
  • VINCI’s and VINCI’s Energies environmental ambition

    VINCI has made a strong environmental commitment: develop solutions that contribute to improve the living environment while managing and reducing the impact of its activities in 3 key areas:

    At the end of 2019, VINCI Energies made these commitments to reduce its environmental impact. First, to reduce by 40% direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 2030 compared to 2018. Secondly to recycle 80% of our inert waste and a 100% of our hazardous waste. And thirdly to optimize the use of water.

    To have a global strategy for our carbon footprint, assessing, analyzing and reducing all scopes is necessary. That is why VINCI Energies is now focusing on indirect GHG emissions (scope 3).

    Achieving the energy transition

    At Omexom, the brand dedicated to the energy transition, environment has always been at the heart of our concerns. Omexom’s aim is to:

    • Reduce CO2 emissions
    • Preserve biodiversity
    • Control waste management
    • Harness energy performance contracts
    • Focus on renewable energy

    Omexom is upgrading existing offers by using low carbon and recycled materials or processes that preserves the environment and at the same time launching new low-carbon solutions such as decarbonized mobility, local energy grid, using renewable energy, storage, etc…

    How to act?

    At Omexom, the environmental mission is thus declined in 3 key major actions:

  • Raise awareness
    among our collaborators on climate change impacts and environmental stakes
  • Design
    Omexom green offers
  • Circulate
    these offers to the Omexom network to spread the new offers and share the best practices.
  • What is a “green offer”?

    A green offer…

    …serves at least one of the VINCI’s key priority
    …has a better environmental impact than a standard offer (CO2 emissions avoided)
    … integrates most of the time technological innovation