Safety, Health and Environment

Omexom UK & RoI takes its responsibility for health and safety very seriously. Our Safety Excellence programme focuses on protecting our workforce and anyone affected by our works at all times. We strive to make our workplaces safer and healthier places for our people, contractors and clients.
A healthy workforce is a happier and more productive one so we are committed to not only protecting the physical, but also the wellbeing of our people. We are engaging with our workforce to create an open and inclusive culture which challenges the stigma of mental ill health.
Omexom UK & RoI recognises its environmental responsibility and is committed to minimize the impact of our activities. We aim to continuously improve our environmental performance by implementing and following our ISO 14001:2015 certification.

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Quality is an integral part of all Omexom UK and RoI operations and the responsibility of everyone in the company. We strive to continuously deliver safe, high quality projects to develop and maintain strong, long term relationships with our clients and supply chain to support the growth of our business.
We are committed to respect and uphold our values of Trust & Empowerment, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Team Spirit & Generosity and Integrity & Responsibility.

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Omexom operates under an integrated management system and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 45001:2018 / ISO 14001:2015.


Omexom UK & RoI Omexom Senior Management Team is collectively responsible for delivering sustainable long-term shareholder value in line with its obligations to and the expectations of the company stakeholders.
Our aim is to be acknowledged as a leader in sustainable business practice, continually validating our social license to operate by ensuring employees and actions are in line with our values.
Omexom is committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

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