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Omexom Engineering specialises in the design and development of high voltage equipment within the high voltage industry, from 11kV up to and including 400kV. Being part of the Omexom group we are renowned throughout the industry for our commitment to providing exceptional quality services, workmanship and value.

  • We provide highly qualified and skilled Engineers with years of experience delivering projects safely, efficiently and to budget.
  • We successfully integrate collaboration of engineering knowledge, experience and expertise, providing engineering solutions to the UK and Republic of Ireland infrastructure electricity industry.
  • We listen carefully and closely to our customers by identifying their needs, requirements and expectations.

You can be assured that Omexom Engineering will aid you in keeping your electrical infrastructure safe and operating to the highest standard.

Our Mission

  • To provide high quality engineering solutions, tailor made to meet our client’s requirements.
  • We strive to ensure a consistent approach is implemented between multiple locations to provide a high level of quality throughout the business.
  • To collaborate with other Omexom business units, ensuring that key contracts can be secured and delivered profitably and bringing together a larger group of like minded individuals with the sole aim of delivering to our clients requirements.

Products & Services

Omexom Engineering can provide a complete engineering solutions to meet our customer’s needs:

  • Substation protection feasibility designs
  • Civil Design
  • Structural Design
  • Primary design
  • Protection design from 11kV up to 400kV
  • Protection and control panel design, assembly and testing
  • Protection studies.
  • Bespoke scheme logic design and testing including IEC61850

Consultancy services:

Provide clients with high level feasibility designs, to allow the client to choose the most economic solution.

Protection and control engineering:

Provide a highly skilled and motivated engineering department, focused upon high quality design to meet our clients’ requirements and expectations. Protection and Control panel manufacturing for design and build projects, or stand-alone panel build contracts, dependent upon the client’s requirements.

With 425 business units across the world, we have access to a talented team of local suppliers and contractors, each with their own unique expertise. Our collaborative approach ensures that you get the best team for your project.
We operate in 36 countries, working with local suppliers. We are committed to the highest levels of requirements in terms of quality, health and safety and the environment to deliver sustainable, efficient and secure solutions.

Business Unit News

02/05/2024 Transmission

Omexom Taylor Woodrow (OTW) joint venture named as an Enterprise Delivery Partner on National Grid’s Great Grid Partnership.

Part of the Accelerated Strategic Transmission Investment (ASTI) framework, this major electricity transmission upgrade, required to move more clean energy across the country to help the UK achieve its net zero ambitions, is the largest overhaul of electricity grid in generations.  
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05/10/2023 Business Unit News, Renewables

Ballykeel Update

Sunny skies over on energisation day at Ballykeel wind farm in Larne, Northern Ireland. Our Renewables team were key in connecting the 7 turbine 16MW wind farm project to the grid after taking on the design, installation, and commissioning of the HV switchgear and switchboard as well as the control & protection and telecomms.
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Business Unit News, Ireland

Lenalea Update

On the 3rd of August, Omexom Ireland successfully energised Lenalea 110kV/33kV substation in Co. Donegal, Ireland. The Lenalea windfarm project included a 4 bay 110kV AIS substation, 2 110kV OHL connection circuits, 110/33kV Transformer, 33kV switchgear and reactive power compensation.
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14/02/2023 Business Unit News, Substations, Substations BU

Killin Update

Our Substations team have been hard at work up at the 132/33kV substation in Killin playing their part in SSEN's VISTA project. The team are converting and upgrading the existing outdoor bays to facilitate the new underground 132kV cable connections.
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Business Unit News, Major Projects North

Kintore Update

Our Major Projects North team are working flat out to hit their goals before Christmas and it shows in their progress at Kintore.
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12/01/2022 Ireland, Renewables, Substations, Substations

Omexom Ireland near completion of the Gorman 110/20kV Substation

Omexom Ireland are finishing up work on the new Gorman 110/20kV substation. The substation is located 2km outside of Slane in county Meath, Ireland, with work starting in July 2021 and finalising by the end of January 2022. The €2.4M contract was awarded from Scottish Power Renewables for the complete design & build of the 110/20kV substation to enable the connection of a 50MW battery storage complex.
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14/06/2021 Business Unit News, Major Projects North


In Scotland, Omexom UK Major Projects (part of VINCI Energies) was awarded by SSEN Transmission), the contract for the construction of a new 400kV (G3) substation at Kintore as part of the client’s plans to upgrade their network in the east of Scotland from 275kV to 400kV and facilitate the increasing levels of – renewable generation in the region.
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23/03/2021 Business Unit News, Substations

Harker Substation

Who says construction work has to be 9-5? To ensure we meet our clients needs, Omexom works 24hrs a day with 2 shift patterns on the Fourstones/SSSC2 circuit at Harker Substation. Great work by our Power Solutions team who just keep delivering.
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